The actual condition of the rights compliance of imprisoned minors in terms of education, protection from cruelty, social and psychological support was investigated. The analysis was made of the existing service provision system for the development of pro-social skills among juveniles and imprisoned youth for their reintegration into society and recidivism prevention (including correction of aggressive and violent behavior, formation/restoration of non-conflict communicational skills, development/restoration of residential and employment skills, development of pro-social motivation). Key factors influencing the effectiveness of youth preparation for release from prison were identified.

Survey methods:

1) The survey of minors and youth at pre-trial isolators or correctional facilities. 266 respondents were surveyed.

2) Interviews with experts of prison system:

  • In-depth interviews with psychologists, inspectors on preparation for release and inspectors on youth at socio-psychological services (8 people per group);
  • Focus group discussions with teachers and heads of colonies` departments (6 FGD);
  • Survey of inspectors on preparation for release, which were not included in the sample (7 people).

3) Interviews with experts providing assistance in reintegration of imprisoned minors and youth:

  • In-depth interviews with government agencies (Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, Kyiv City Centre for Social Services for Family, Children and Youth);
  • Survey of specialists from Kharkiv Reintegration Centre for Homeless People, Mykolaiv Regional Center for homeless accounting and 18 regional Centers for Family, Children and Youth;
  • In-depth interviews with representatives of NGOs (3 people).