This project was initiated and implemented by AC “Socioconsulting” within the “Phoenix” project, implemented by the East Europe Foundation with the support of the European Union.

It was aimed at strengthening the capacity of the authorities and CSOs to formulate a balanced and evidence-based policy in the field of IDP integration by developing a universal tool for monitoring the situation of social integration of IDPs into host communities, suitable for use by authorities and CSOs at the national, regional and local levels.

The project included the following activities.

·         Development and testing of a universal monitoring tool on the social integration of IDPs into host communities, based on examples of various communities in different regions of Ukraine. The tool is a questionnaire that contains blocks of questions about IDPs’ access to services in various life spheres, the attitudes of host community representatives to them, etc.

·         Implementation of the developed tool by using it for national monitoring of IDP integration. A survey of IDPs was conducted at the national level using the method of standardized face-to-face interviews with the use of tablets (CAPI – Computer Assisted Personal Interview). The sample size is 800 IDPs who received this status after February 24, 2022. The sample type is a national targeted quota. Quotas were calculated based on IOM statistics by region, gender, and age.

·         Promotion of the developed tool, the results of the national monitoring, and its recommendations among stakeholders, including the development, publication, and dissemination of methodological recommendations for the practical application of the developed tool, presentation of the developed tool, and monitoring results at the national and regional levels.