Membership in professional associations

AC "Socioconsulting" is a collective member of the Sociological Association of Ukraine

The activity of AC “Socioconsulting” is based on the requirements of the Sociological Association of Ukraine and the international scientific community (ESOMAR) regarding sociological and marketing research. During the collection, storage and analysis of survey data, ethical standards and the protection of research participants’ rights to voluntariness, anonymity and confidentiality are ensured.

Our advantages

For us, every project and every Customer is unique. Most of our customers later become our regular clients

  • High-quality data

    We have a qualified national network of interviewers and our in-house quality control service. We strictly adhere to ethical standards in our activities

  • Qualifications and experience

    We have a professional and motivated team of performers: from interviewers to expert analysts. Many of our employees and specialists have worked together for over 10 years

  • Flexibility

    We use a wide range of quantitative and qualitative sociological methods. We tailor a technique or combination of methods for each study to achieve its objectives best

  • Individual approach

    We have experience in adapting sociological methods to the specifics of a particular project. We implement both full-cycle research (from developing a research program to preparing recommendations based on its results) and individual components (e.g., methodology development, data collection)

  • Expert support of the research

    At the request of the Customer, we can engage in auxiliary research activities (e.g., promotion of research results, drafting local programs and regulations based on research results, development of recommendations for the transformation of social programs, national and local information and advocacy campaigns, etc.

  • Diversity

    We have experience in conducting research among the general population and special social groups: families with children, youth and adolescents affected by GBV, people with disabilities and older adults, IDPs, ATO/JFO veterans, patients of various medical facilities, clients of social institutions and NGOs, PLHIV and representatives of key populations with HIV, healthcare workers and representatives of other professions, etc.).

Our team

Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the field of organizing and conducting sociological research


Director of the AC "Socioconsulting"

PhD in Economics

Over 30 years of experience in social, sociological, and economic research

Area of expertise: methodology and organization of social research on social policy reform, including public health, social services, gender equality and combating GBV, development of the economic activity of the population, development of recommendations for improving certain aspects of state and local policies

Author of scientific monographs, articles, manuals


Head of the Public Opinion Research Department


Experience over 20 years of experience in sociological and social research, including monitoring and evaluation

Area of expertise: organization and implementation of research to study the public opinion of the general population and specific target groups on topical issues in the political, economic, health, social, educational, social, and other spheres.

Author of scientific articles, co-author of monographs, publications


Head of the Department for Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Projects

PhD in Sociology

Experience about 15 years of experience in social and sociological research

Area of expertise: monitoring and evaluation of projects in the field of public health and social policy

Author of scientific monographs, articles, manuals