The purpose of the study was to analyze the situation regarding the social protection of families with children, children’s rights, the prevention of child abandonment in Zakarpattia region, drafting recommendations on the development of social services needed to improve the situation in the region. In particular, we studied the feasibility of SOS Children’s Village Programs in Zakarpattia region, and specific locations, including identification of the type of intervention and the necessary services, as well as the location where the implementation of the program may have the greatest impact. The study was conducted in four locations of Zakarpattia region, including Mukachevo town, Mukachevo rayon(district), Berehovo town and Berehovo district.

Methods of data collection:

  1. Desk review using a legal framework and statistical data.
  2. In-depth interviews with experts – the Heads of local governments and their executive bodies (23 interviews).
  3. Focus groups with professionals in the education field, as well as adoptive parents, foster parents at family-type orphanages, guardians, leaders of non-governmental organizations and initiative groups operating in the field of protection of children’s rights, tackling social orphanhood. A total of 8 focus groups.