The study was a part of the project “City friendly to everyone,” implemented by the NGO “Strong Community” with the grant support of the INTERNATIONAL ALERTOffice in Ukraine.Theproject aimedat intensifying community cooperationwith the authorities of Stanychno-Luhanskdistrict to increase the well-being and safety of the district’s residents.

Thepurpose of the study was to determine the level of social cohesion of residents of Stanychno-Luhansk district.It was assumed that the results of the study would be the basis for the development of a program to strengthen social cohesion and increase the level of trust of community residents to the government and government agencies.

The study focused on:

  • the level of security and well-being of community residents, their main concerns;
  • level of trust in the government and the community in general, including attitudes towards certain socially vulnerable groups, including IDPs;
  • shared values ​​and identities, the willingness of community members to act together to improve their well-being and security.

The primary method of data collection was a survey of the population of Stanychno-Luhansk district by the technique of personal structured face-to-face interviews.The sample type is multi-stage, representative of the population of Stanychno-Luhansk district, using the quota method of selection of respondents at the last stage.The sample size is 400 respondents.

As part of this study, AC “Socioconsulting” developed the protocol and tools of the study, provided the introduction and statistical processing of sociological data, provided consulting support to the NGO “Strong Community” during data collection and preparation of analytical reports.