The study was conducted at the preparatory stage of developing a policy document, “National Policy on Medical Care for ATO/JFO Veterans.” It was part of a project implemented by the ICF “Ukrainian Foundation for Public Health,” with the support of the UN Development Program in Ukraine in partnership with the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Ukrainian Healthcare Center.

The study aimed to analyze the access to and satisfaction of ATO/JFO veterans with medical care in Ukraine. Its findings were used to develop a package of draft legal acts necessary to ensure the effective implementation of the National Policy on Medical Care for ATO/JFO Veterans.

Geography of the study: Mykolaiv, Kharkiv, and Khmelnytskyi regions.

The study combined quantitative and qualitative sociological methods of data collection.

  1. Semi-structured interviews with ATO/JFO veterans and doctors with experience providing veterans with medical care. A total of 200 ATO/JFO veterans and 100 doctors were interviewed.
  2. In-depth interviews with ATO/JFO veterans and their family members, as well as representatives of institutions and organizations that provide healthcare services to veterans or facilitate their provision (doctors, representatives of local authorities, territorial bodies of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, veteran NGOs). A total of 40 in-depth interviews were conducted.