The research was conducted at the initiative and with the support of the Department on ensuring the activity of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine (SPS) and involved the collection, systematization and analysis of data on surveying national, regional experts and potential customers SMT – prisoners, people addicted to opioids.The purpose of the sociological research was to study the opportunities and challenges to implement SMT in prisons. Based on the research, the draft Order of SPS was elaborated which regulates the introduction of SMT in prisonfacilities as part of Phase 2 of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Round 10, HIV/AIDS component).

Research methods:

  • In-depth interviews with national experts, namely the heads of departments of central executive bodies, including Department on drug trafficking at Internal Affairs of Ukraine, SI “Ukrainian center for diseases control at the Ministry of Health of Ukraine”,State Service of Ukraine on Drug Control and central office of SPS. Totally 5 experts interviewed.
  • In-depth interviews with regional experts: 4 employees of prison facilities (heads of facilities, heads of medical units and narcologists). Totally, 12 experts.
  • Semi-structured interviews with prisoners addicted to opioids. Totally, 80 respondents, 20 prisoners in each prison facility.