An analysis of the empirical data obtained during the survey made ??it possible to construct a rating of socio-political concerns of the population, to assess the level of public confidence in various information sources, explore public opinion on health care and quality of health services in Ukraine, determine the level of confidence in the domestic drug manufacturers and factors influencing the choice of a drug. Among other issues, the public perception of the necessity and components of health reform were investigated.

Survey methods:

  • National representative survey of the adult population of Ukraine by individual interviews (“face to face”). A total of 2007 respondents. Representativeness error does not exceed 2.2%.
  • Individual interviews (“face to face”) with doctors of various state health facilities (regional health centers, city and district hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers, rural clinics, medical and obstetric centers, emergency room doctors, blood transfusion stations, clinical laboratories). A total of 104 people surveyed.

Survey geography: all regions of Ukraine.