This research was conducted as part of the project The Social Entrepreneurship as an Innovative Mechanism for Addressing Social Development, being part of the German NGO ChildFund Deutschland program “Promotion of Cross-Sector Partnership for Protection of Children’s Interests: Involving WPO in Active Process Participants”.

The East Europe Foundation implemented this project in 2016-2019. One of its components was the training of stakeholders on the basics of social entrepreneurship. The training format was a series of workshops (several modules), which took place in Severodonetsk and Kramatorsk during 2017-2018.

Within this research, the AC Socioconsultinganalyzed the training component and evaluated its effectiveness.

Methodology:within the evaluation, we’ve collected and analyzed opinions of training participants on training programs, the work of trainers, information on practical steps taken by participants after the training course.

Depending on the timing of the training, the participants were divided into two main groups. The research had specific tasks for each group. The first group included respondents who had just completed the training modules. By interviewing them, we collected information about their satisfaction with the training, motivation for creating their social enterprise, and their main impressions and wishes for further project implementation. The second target audience consisted of training participants who had completed the training at least six months ago. Thus, we managed to analyze not only their satisfaction with the training modules but also the first practical results of the project.

The primary method of collecting empirical data was semi-structured telephone interviews. Based on their results, we prepared conclusions on the training component’s intermediate and final results, made a forecast of its possible impact on the training participants, and developed recommendations to improve the efficiency of training for potential social entrepreneurs.