The monitiring provided the study of the actual progress and features of Training Program for Foster and Adoptive Parents in the network of social service centers for families, children and youth. The program was approved by Order No. 1015 of the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports as of 04/04/07. Within the monitoring an awareness for training necessity for foster and adoptive parents by social workers and the target group was studied; the information and guidance needs of trainers who teach classes to improve the skills of foster and adoptive parents were analyzed; as well as the guidelines for introduction of changes to the new edition of the Program were prepared.

Survey methods:

  • Individual semi-structured interviews with foster and adoptive parents. A total of 61 respondents, particularly adoptive parents (32 people) and foster parents at FTCH (29 people).
  • Group interviews with experts. A total of six group discussions in every region under study, which was attended by 30 social workers of regional, district and city SSFCY centers.

Survey geaography: Khmelnytsk, Donetsk, Cherkasy, Dnipropetrovsk, Kyiv regions and Kyiv city.