In order to evaluate implementation consciousness, its acceptability and feasibility in Ukraine, as well as its program and cost-effectiveness, the Analytical Center “Socioconsulting” carried out a related study.

Study geography: the study was carried out in two types of population centers across three oblasts: oblast centers (Zaporizhzhya, Poltava, and Cherkasy) and smaller towns/rayons of the same oblasts (Melitopol, Kremenchuk, and Uman). The geographical coverage was influenced by implementation of the intervention at the same population centers.

Study design: an experimental randomized trial.

There were the following general study methods:

  1. three PWID surveys: basic, intermediate (in 4 months) and final (in 7 months); 781 experimental group (EG) participants and 784 control group (CG) participants;
  2. focus group discussions and in-depth interviews with the intervention participants and NGO employees implementing the intervention;
  3. analysis of the audio records made during counseling sessions;
  4. analysis of the project documentation managed by NGO employees;
  5. cost-effectiveness analysis by the way of Social Return of Investment (SROI).

The repot of cost-effectiveness analysis by the way of SROI got an assurance certification by Social Value International.

Attachment: Summary of the study