The study aimed to identify obstacles and limitations in access to social services for women victims of violence and ways to overcome them in the capital.

The main focuses of the study:

  • identify the range and quality of services provided to women victims of violence by the state institutions and NGOs in Kyiv;
  • assess access to social services for women victims of violence;
  • assess service needs among women victims of domestic and gender-based violence;
  • determine the readiness of women to seek help in case of violence and turn to the relevant institutions, departments, and organizations;
  • assessthe needs of service providers in technical assistance and training for working with women victims of violence.

The study was based on qualitative sociological methods, namely:

  1. Focus groups (FG) with women aged 18-59 years affected by domestic and gender-based violence and have experience in receiving social services. Recruitment of the respondents for FG was carried out by the representatives of local institutions (Shelters/Centers of inpatient and day care), which provide social and psychological assistance to women indifficult life circumstances, including those affected by violence. A total of 4 FG was conducted.
  2. In-depth interviews with experts who work at social services provided to persons indifficult life circumstances,including victims of violence.A total of 10 interviews were conducted.

Based on the assessment results, we developed recommendations to improve the system of social services provision in Kyiv for women and children victims of domestic and gender-based violence.