The study assessed eight communities in terms of their capacity to establish the community foundation (CF). For this purpose a quality strategy was used to study the situation (prerequisites for community foundation creation) prior to the implementation of program activities. First of all, it included an analysis of the subjective perception of the CF ideas and concepts by representatives of the initiative group and their supporters, as well as by representatives of the business community being an essential part in achieving real progress. The assessment was carried out based on the developed indicators measuring the level and features of readiness of various community actors (business, third sector, government, media, etc.) to join in the activities of the future fund. A feature of the empirical part of the study was that the selection and invitation of the respondents were conducted exclusively by members of initiative groups. Accordingly, the majority of respondents were core people oriented to the creation of CF united by initiative group, or just close friends of some of its members.

Survey methods:

  • Desk review involving the analysis of regional statistics on the activities of the business sector as a potential community donor and NGO activities in the region; study of the documents on strategic development of community; collection of data on existing ways of disseminating information in community.
  • 34 flexible interviews with representatives of local authorities and media, the business community.
  • 10 focus groups with community representatives.
  • Participant observation during meetings with business representatives on issues of financial and organizational support to charities in the community, as well as during the open discussion with the community representatives. A total of 16 participant observations.

Survey geography: Mykolaiv city, Kodaky village of Kyiv region, Pecheryn city of Zakrpatia region, Sverdlovsk city of Luhansk region, Berdiansk city of Zaporizhia region, Dnipropetrovsk city, Kirovohrad city, Bila Tserkva city of Kyiv region.