The research was directed on studying the level of knowledge about HIV/AIDS/STI, attitude to problems and behavioral practices of FSW’s clients and had an aim to develope forms and methods of prophylactic work with representatives of the target group. The main attention was focused on evaluation of FSW’s clients’ needs in prevention services, studying the most suitable ways (channels, methods of placement, etc.)  to receive preventive and educational information about HIV/AIDS for them.Notwithstanding the fact that the group of FSW’s clients, who active use Internet, is growing quickly, it is poorly studied. In this research were provided online surveys of this group of clients. The questions were focused to determine the level of interest in information about maintaining sexual health, HIV/AIDS/STI, and to find the most suitable forms of providing such information to men, who order sex services over the internet.

Research methods:

  • semi-structured interviews with FSWs clients. 180 interviews were conducted;
  • semi-structured interviews with FSW. 180 interviews were conducted;
  • depth interviews with FSWs employers. (12 interviews);
  • online-interview with site visitors, where ads about sexual services for payment are placed. 144 questionnaires (filled by FSWs clients) were received.

Territorial coverage: Kyiv, Obukhiv (Kiev Oblast), Odesa, Yuzhne (Odessa Oblast), Donetsk, Mariupol (Donetsk oblast), Lviv, Rivne, Kirovohrad, Vinnytsia.