In Ukraine was realized repeated study with a help of international methodology “Stigma index of PLWH”. The survey was conducted by All-Ukrainian Network of PLWH and AC”Socioconsulting”. The aim of survey was to collect systematic, documented data about prevalence and displays of stigma and discrimination on the basis of standardized questionnaire. The questionnaire was made in contrast to common practice of documentation and usage for advocacy of some cases of stigma manifestations and discrimination, violation of human rights. The realization of survey had an aim to create array of reliable data, to analyze the dynamic compared to similar survey, conducted in year 2010, on national level.

Research method:

  • standardized interview with PLWH by questionnaire, which were used in 2010. Total number of interviews was 1500.
  • In-depth interviews by method of life stories with PLWH, who have informed about cases of stigma and discrimination in different aspects of life during the quantitative phase of survey. Total number of interviews was 58 (the method was identical to 2010).