The research focused on the analysis of gender-sensitive approaches in HIV services for female IDUs and their sexual partners, the needs of these target groups, and especially the attitude of NGOs’ staff to the gender aspects of preventive work with IDUs in HIV prevention and harm reduction projects.

In fact, the research became a preparatory stage for the development and implementation of innovative approaches to the provision of HIV/STI prevention services among female IDUs and their sexual partners (pilot projects). This activity was implemented in the framework of the project “Capacity building to implement quality gender-sensitive interventions for Harm Reduction in Ukraine,” supported by the Expertise France 5% Initiative.

Methods of data collection:

  1. Desk review using international and Ukrainian publications, studies.
  2. Structured interviews with female IDUs and men (their sexual partners) using psychological techniques (300 interviews).
  3. In-depth interviews with social and outreach workers, coordinators/leaders of NGOs (30 interviews).