The survey was conducted   as a part of a common Ukrainian-Norwegian project “Policy development, based on the facts, in municipal in Ukraine”, with financial support of Ministry of foreign affairs of Norway. The aim of survey was to determine the level of citizens’ satisfaction with the service of management of solid household waste (SHW), which depends on the model of its organization.  The features of financial and legal relations of citizens with service providers were studied and the level of ecological consciousness was evaluated. The total number of cities, where the survey was held, is 18: 9 from west region, 9 from south region.

The results of survey were introduced and discussed at a joint meeting of working groups to improve treatment efficiency with SHW. The meeting was held with the participation of representatives of city councils and municipal enterprise from city-participants of project.

Research method:

The research method was face-to-face structurized interview. In every city were 100 respondents questioned. The total number is 1800 respondents.

A data sample is probability sampling, representative for adult citizens from chosen cities. The last stage of sampling was quota sampling method. The quotas were made by two features: age and gender and counted for every city.