The aim of the study was to examine public opinion on nuclear and radiation safety, and to analyze awareness and information needs of focus settlements population of Ukraine located near the enterprises on uranium mining and nuclear facilities. The project determined the level of knowledge of inhabitants of investigated regions regarding nuclear and radiation safety: their relation to existing objects (enterprises on uranium mining and nuclear facilities); the relationship of the population under study to the possible construction of new nuclear reactors, companies for uranium ore mining, facilities for radioactive waste management; the information needs of people regarding the state of nuclear and radiation safety. Based on these findings, recommendations were made to improve the effectiveness of public awareness about the state policy in the field of nuclear energy.

Survey geography: Kirovohrad city, Novohorodka urban village, Velyka Vyska village, Mala Vyska village of Kirovohrad region; Zhovti Vody city of Dnipropetrovsk region; Netishyn city of Khmelnytsk region; Rivne city, Ostroh city, Horbaky city of Rivne region; Kharkiv city.

Survey methods:

  • Focus group discussion with residents of focus settlements. A total of 18 FGDs numbering 128 participants.