Within the project a methodology for monitoring the Ukrainian social services for people living with HIV was developed. Monitoring is based on a regular and systematic collection of data to calculate indicators of accessibility and relevance of basic services to the needs of families with children who are vulnerable to HIV infection. The respective assessment of basic indicators was made, as well as key trends were identified in the HIV service system oriented to families with children vulnerable to HIV infection.

Survey methods:

  • 800 standardized interviews with parents and guardians of HIV affected children.
  • 50 flexible interviews with service providers: the staff of centers for HIV-infected children and youth, day-care centers for children from families affected by HIV/AIDS, NGOs providing social services to HIV-positive children, the regional AIDS centers.
  • Mail survey of regional leaders (all regions, AR Crimea, cities of Kyiv and Sevastopol) of centers for social services for children, families and youth. A total of 27 completed questionnaires