The study examined expert opinions on the condition and reliability of the gas transportation system of Ukraine (GTSU); analyzed expert assessment of the relevance of GTSU modernization, the feasibility of attracting different types of investments and creation of the gas transportation consortium (GTC); described the expert attitudes to “Gazprom” as Ukraine’s main partner in the consortium, and the possibility of using alternative gas transit routes for Russia. The experts were: deputies, heads of executive agencies and local government (32 experts); the political elite (heads of parties, factions, movements) – 28 experts, representatives of business circles (top managers of oil and gas industry, gas business-to-consumer, financial institutions of Ukraine) – 30 experts; representatives of the social, political and specialized Ukrainian and foreign media (32 people).

The study was conducted in the cities of Kyiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnitsky and Uzhgorod.