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About Socioconsulting

Analytical Center “Socioconsulting” is the Ukrainian independent research organization. The Center regularly conducts sociological and marketing researches.

In 2002 it was founded as Analytical Center “Socis”, and since 2005 and till today it is called AC “Socioconsulting”. During this period we have conducted more than 80 researches on national and regional levels in the following areas:

AC “Socioconsulting” has one of the largest and most experienced interviewers network in Ukraine providing the necessary quality of the field phase of a research and including more than 500 specially trained interviewers and recruiters. Their work is organized and coordinated by 26 regional supervisors. For professional development annual trainings are provided for supervisors and interviewers. Separate training is organized for controllers.

AC “Socioconsulting” activity covers the whole territory of Ukraine and is based on the requirements of the Sociological Association of Ukraine and the international scientific community (ESOMAR) for conduction of social and marketing researches. During the collection, storage and analysis of survey data the ethical standards and the protection of research participants’ rights, in terms of voluntariness, anonymity and confidentiality, are provided.

AC “Socioconsulting” is a joint member of the Sociological Association of Ukraine. Annually the results of the conducted researches are represented by the staff members at press conferences, round tables, conferences, training seminars and trainings for social workers.

A separate scope of our activity is organization and conduction of training workshops and seminars on the following issues: